Friday, November 16, 2012

New Well Water Flows from Denim Pockets

Teachers at a New Jersey high school raise money to drill this water well
in India by wearing their blue jeans.
It is just a simple pair of jeans. But for some New Jersey high school teachers, the opportunity to break free of their school dress code is a can't miss event. So when West Essex High School holds their “Dress in Denim” Fridays twice a month, there is a high participation rate.  Each teacher pays $5 to have fashion freedom for a day. The teachers also have the satisfaction of knowing their $5 will go to a monthly charity project.

Children’s Hope received the proceeds of September’s “Dress in Denim” Fridays at the North Caldwell, New Jersey high school. The amount raised was enough to drill a well for a slum community in India. Now hundreds of people in a village, on India’s central east coast, have safe water to drink, thanks to the denim wearing faculty at West Essex High School.

This was one of six Children’s Hope water wells bored in November. That makes 31 wells in 2012 drilled for the impoverished fishing villages and slum neighborhoods near Kakinada, India. Those wells provide over 30,000 people with water that is not polluted. Most of these villagers were using rancid water from drainage ponds for washing their clothes, bathing, drinking, and for cooking.

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