Monday, February 11, 2013

Biruh Tesfa (Bright Hope) School Kitchen - Hope for Hungry Boys and Girls

Beante Ayehu Getahun, 11, is a grade 5 student at Biruh Tesfa (Bright Hope) Primary School. He is living with HIV/AIDS and has been supported by CHI Partners in Hope for the last three years. Beante must  take special HIV medicine every night.

Beante's family is so poor that they cannot afford to feed their son every day.  This is extra difficult for Beante, because, in order for his medicine to be effective, Beante must have proper nutrition. Through the Bright Hope garden and poultry farm, Partners in Hope can currently provide one good meal a day for Beante and around 200 other children like him.

Now a brighter future is rising at Biruh Tesfa (Bright Hope) school community. CHI Partners are constructing a huge indoor kitchen and meal center. Beante says that he is very happy about the new kitchen center construction because, when it is operational, students will not have to wait in long lines or struggle with one another to make sure heir plate is filled. They will be able to enjoy their food indoors, out of the hot Ethiopian sun.

Thanks to Partners in Hope, Beante and his many friends will be able to concentrate on their educations with full tummies and better health.

School boys and girls like Beante, students in Biruh Tesfa Primary School are benefiting from developmental projects (water drilling, poultry and garden) that CHI partners have been helping in their school compound for the last few years. 


Monday, February 4, 2013

Building upon the Foundation!

Progress is steady on the for the new kitchen and dining hall at  Bright Hope School in Ethiopia  The foundation and below-ground work was finished last month and construction has begun on the walls for this much-needed facility.

The kitchen will allow for indoor  daily meal preparation for over 200 hungry students.  Meals are currently prepared over an open fire in the school yard.Once the building is completed, an additional 250-300 students can be added to the children who currently receive the daily hot lunches.
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